Thursday, March 6, 2014

When Animals Attack!

Yes, I was very nearly mauled by a rabid, wild turkey. A tom. As I was riding home, tonight.

He was on the sidewalk on Harding Place, in front of Frugal McDoogal's (dunno why -- this is a mile from the airport). He saw me moving slowly in heavy traffic on the scoot, and just copped a major attitude. Damn, I wish someone would have videoed it. He stepped right off the sidewalk and made a beeline for me. Traffic moved just fast enough to keep me out of weapons range, but I started to worry that I might slam into the back of that white Dodge Caliber in front of me while watching this fowl beast running after me, right up the middle of the right, westbound lane of Harding Place @ I-24. Again, LMFAO, all the while.

No, silly -- I know birds can't carry rabies... do you think I'm a total dumbass? Still, this shit happened, and I LMFAO. One for the books, I tell ya.

UPDATE: Believe it.

Which leads me to want to play a joke on my scootnashville pals, just to see which of them reads this here blog. Next time you greet me, you better say, "gobble, gobble!"