Saturday, March 1, 2014

Catching Up

Ramps to the moon: the intersection at Briley & Robertson, looking west at dusk, 2/20/2014.
February, 2014 was a freezing, foggy, freezing-fog-fuck of a month for me -- let no one understate that to you. I for one am glad to see it go... and I hope it ends up far up the ass of a groundhog, not even sanded, sideways. Any groundhog will do.

My electric bill was $202, the highest yet. To heat under 1000 square feet, people.

Getting to work many days was a test of endurance. The work was often taxing for the old man.

Some days were better than others. We had one day that was fully 75°F!

... but the reality was COLD, bitter fucking cold. Almost the entire month.

Consolation prize: I bought a refurb Dell Optiplex 755 to toss with my assorted peripherals to make up my first multi-core 3.0GHz CPU machine with 4GB of RAM. I'm living it up, 2007 style.