Sunday, August 5, 2012


Wanda parked in the fire lane @ Aldi. Wikkid, Wikked Wanda. With the ungodly hellish Fulmer AF-MB HiViz on the seat.
First trip to Aldi, yesterday (just over a mile away). I strapped on a backpack, and a messenger bag given to me by this kind lady, just in case. I had in mind one of those $3.89 rising crust pizzas when I slung the messenger bag over my shoulder, but I decided instead on the two pizza crust package with sauce and toppings, instead (I figure it works out about the same, expense-wise... yes, I am watching my pennies!).

While it's a bit more effort to do groceries on Wanda than on Bad Penny (which, because of the flat floorboard, is more like a "truck among scooters" -- I can haul cat litter on it, no problem), it wasn't that bad. I may have to make more frequent trips for less stuff, but that's... say it with me... another excuse to ride.  :)