Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sitting Out

This is the scene out my front door at 6:47 p.m., today. There's thunder.

Now, I couldn't make it to the rally earlier, but was hoping to go and pick up my rally bag tonight, and see if my paltry two tickets won anything. Of course, the main organizer told me I had to be present to win. I couldn't even ask a friend to pick up my rally bag/tickets and have that count for anything. I hope Ed got my text where I asked if he could get my rally bag, to use my tickets to claim any winning for himself. I'd much rather someone  won than my tickets go to waste.

Okay, no big. I don't want special treatment. Certainly not worth risking my life to be there.

Bald rear tire, t-storms. I think I'll play Powerball, instead. Thorntons is just across the street, and they actually think my plastic Thai scooter is at least... well, let's just say Thorntons makes me feel welcome. But they are  a business, and I spend more than $25/year with them, too.

This is a disappointment, but I know what the rules are. I just don't plan to play this game anymore. Rallies are about old Italian bikes, and the people who own them  -- not people who're too poor to afford a car but can't walk everywhere or take a bus/train everywhere they need to go. So, no point in my bothering with rallies, IMO. They aren't relevant to me.