Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's Not You, It's Me

My prologue post on the Blue vs. Grey II rally...

My scootnashville friends did another incredible  job organizing, recruiting sponsors and promoting the event. What a great group of folks!  They are really very  good at this, and I think they will only get better at it in coming years. I didn't see any unhappy people the entire time I spent with the gathered participants, and I had nothing but nice interactions with visitors and locals over the weekend, and yes, I had a lot of fun being there when I was  there, no question.

I couldn't participate in everything, partially because I'm fairly destitute. $5 beers are really beyond my capabilities at the moment. Now, that's no call for pity -- sure, I could stop at one $5 beer, and if I needed more -- and I would... and do! -- sneak off and drink from my underseat stash of Busch (y'all know how I roll!).

Which brings me to the elephant in the room, which is that I am not a scooter guy necessarily because I have an appreciation for scooter history (even though I do), or scooter culture... but mostly  I am a scooter guy because scooters are far  more economical than cars, and the bus service in Nashville leaves a lot to be desired. My scooter is transportation, for me. Fun transportation, to be sure, but still, basic get-me-to-and-from-work-every-day transportation.

I just turned 50, last week. I will say now that if my financial circumstances ever improve, I will likely have a car of some sort, 'cause let's face it -- riding in the cold and wet sucks. Maybe it's okay if you have a choice, but I don't. If I won the lottery tomorrow night, the car I would buy is a late model Honda Civic. Yeah, sounds stupid, but it would do everything I needed.

It may sound defeatist, but I have very little faith in my financial circumstances ever improving significantly. Actually, in 2013, I have very little faith in your  financial circumstances ever improving significantly.  Hopefully, you're doing better than I am, and will continue to do so, though.

I will continue to support our rally, 'cause it's a lot of fun, and these people are my friends. Forgive me if I feel a little "outside" the target audience, if you can.