Saturday, June 14, 2014

ALWAYS Watch Your Six!

I don't even wanna look for a flickr photo for this... it's fresh, and the blood is pounding in my head.

I'm coming back from a late dinner, and I live on a stretch of 5-lane (2 each, center turn) that's a 45MPH limit. A block past my house is a traffic signal, so traffic tends to speed and slow right in front of the house in a constant wave; lots of traffic, almost all the time.

So, I'm in the right lane, ready to turn right into my driveway. I have plenty of time between me and the car following to do this without impeding traffic in any way. Suddenly, the asshole in the left  lane beside me decides that lane's not moving fast enough (many left turns both before and at the aforementioned light), and guns it to get inches off my rear tire JUST as I'm about to turn.

I punched the throttle wide open, straight ahead, and started quickly pulsing my brakes to let the asshole know I was at least planning on slowing down. I got a block up the street, and pulled into the first safe spot to my right that I could find, which was a driveway apron to a condemned building. "Yes, motherfucker, you almost killed me!" I screamed as they whizzed by, and I sat waiting for my heart to go back down in my chest, and for traffic to subside so I could do a u-turn back to the house.

PLEASE, keep an eye on your mirrors EVERY TIME you have to slow down, no matter the reason. It could be a life or death decision.