Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wednesday's Commute Home

Thompson Lane, just east of Nolensville Road, 8/7/2013, ~5:40p.m.
Much of the way home yesterday was punctuated by gridlocking idiots, shoulder-riders, hornblowers and just plain people who should not be allowed to command a land vessel of any sort.

One thang that might help at this location, Metro Government, is this: make the left turn arrow from Thompson Lane to Nolensville last for about 2 minutes per turn from 4:30p-6:00p. There's almost always a half-dozen assholes sitting, waiting to cut into that lane within 50 feet of Nolensville Road, holding up the left lane traffic heading west. That's why you see in the photo above I am in the right lane, at least a quarter-mile away, and usually I'm there by the time I pass I-24. That doesn't mean that I don't often have to choose between being taken out by someone trying to get around the assholes clogging the left lane there on Thompson, or those trying to head north on Nolensville traveling the same direction as I am.

This shit is dangerous. Please fix it.