Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Coffee Scootin'

... with bonus Triumph Bonneville 750 Silver Jubilee!

Nice bike, y'all.

My brekkie. A ham 'n' cheese croissammie @8th & Roast, and fine-ass coffee. Very tasty, but light on the filling, Brad!  ;)  I bet he contracts these out.

Scott rides this here Vespa GTV300ie all the way from Smith County to hang out with us, and he's getting to be a Saturday morning regular. How awesome is that?

Yo, Bobcat!

We're not worthy. A lighter-than-usual showing, probably because of anticipated rain (in fact, I left when the rain started, but it didn't seem to last long).

I didn't get shots of Ed's new Honda C70 Passport or Michele's Honda Met, but y'all have seen them, right?