Thursday, September 13, 2012

Learn By Example

 ... subtitled Moron Miata Motorist Mangled.

On my commute to work Tuesday morning, I was just crossing over I-40 @ White Bridge Road.

As I approached the light at White Bridge and Charlotte, I noticed a blue Mazda Miata in the far right lane with its left turn signal on. I slowed, and watched as the awfulness unfolded before me.
Aided and abetted by two well-meaning Courteous Cretins (grey boxes) who stopped each in-turn to let the Miata over (and seriously, people -- DON'T do this on multi-lane roads, okay?), the Miata decided to cross two lanes of southbound traffic to enter a third -- the left turn lane.

I'm sure this was some attempt to not be late for work, but I'm here to tell ya -- that is not a good plan, people. Maybe he had just come off of I-40; I cannot fathom another reason for this boneheaded move... not to mention there's a more direct exit to Charlotte blocks away if that's where he needed to be.

Inevitably, the Miata was struck by a Gold Chevy Tahoe, already in the left turn lane, at relatively low speed (as he was approaching a red light), but struck, nonetheless. Two mornings ruined.

But it could  have been worse. The Miata could  have been a scooter or motorcycle. Then, there likely would have been at least hospitalization, if not death.

What I'm saying: If you're late, BE LATE. Don't try to outwit the traffic rules, 'cause there are far worse fates than being late to work. Otherwise, on two wheels (if not every time), leave home in plenty of time to arrive on time. Miss a turn?  Go forward and turn around where it is safe to do so, if need be, or take "the scenic route." DON'T screw around with your health and your life to shave a minute off your commute. The risk is far  too great, and not at all worth it.