Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's He! It's He! It's Michael T.!

Sadly, Michael T. and his lovely wife Nora (and she really is  lovely; I bet one of Michael T.'s most-frequently heard questions is, "How did you land her?") are moving from Nashville to Boston next weekend. So, we wanted to hang out and ride One Last Time*, so to speak.

Here's Michael T., throwing goat and taking Wanda for a spin around Centennial Park this afternoon.

Steve's Vespa GTS250, and Michael T.'s rattlecanned Vespa P200E in the park.

The gang's scooters parked across from Hog Heaven, where Junior had to stop for eats. It didn't matter -- we were about to see an hour's deluge, and thus sought shelter, rather than doing a ride. Some days, it just works out that way.

Back at The Davis Manse. That's Michael T., over on the right margin, in black shirt and grey cap. At left, Junior checks his text messages, and Ross scratches his arm, laughing. He just does that.

Graham tells us about the Crying Kimono, while Junior continues engaging his phone.  ;)

Steve is telling one of his stories, again.

At any rate, Nora: Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye in person. We hate to see ya go, but Best Wishes for happiness and prosperity in Boston!

* And yes, I got Michael T.'s word that they'd try to return next year for Blue vs. Grey II.