Monday, August 6, 2012

Hazard Profile

A short video demonstration of the start-up (with actual starting, this time).

My neighbor's shared "FreeFi" connection* went to hell this evening around dark, and as I was no ways tired, and yet restless, I decided on a mini-adventure with Wanda the Honda.

I have a ride I like to do that isn't far from where I live, but I knew I didn't have time for that. It goes off into Cheatham County, to my northwest. It's challenging enough in the daytime... very curvy, out in Dog's Country, etc. So, I started out with the intent to stop at a place near where this ride goes -- about seven miles from home, as the crow flies -- but to a place where I have never taken another living soul. It's like my own private Idaho. I knew once I got there, I could kick back, have a beer, take in nature and the stars above, and not be troubled by anything on two legs, or anything larger or smarter than a deer. And so the course was set.

I wanted to lead a group on this ride (not to the Secret Place, mind you, but the route that goes near it) this past weekend. I'm glad I didn't, as recent rains have created gravel washouts at every gravel driveway during the first third of it (about what I covered, tonight). In the dark, that was doubly dangerous. I took it slow and easy; I was in no particular hurry. No -- the night air, the night smells, the night sounds... this was what I needed, tonight.

Well, this was an awesome night for it. Old Sam's Creek Road is  my Secret Place -- it is supposed to connect Old Charlotte Pike and Sam's Creek Road, but... it does not. Sam's Creek, presumably, runs through it at a point. The two sides of it are separated by about 30 yards of rock, road debris and flowing water, and it would likely be foolhardy to attempt to ford it in anything other than a Monster Truck with Kevlar tires.

No houses are nearby the break, so PERFECT for "getting away from it all."

Maps and links to follow on Tuesday.

* In return for unfettered access to her broadband, she gets unlimited tech support, and kitteh-sitting services whenever she's away.