Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Times, They Are a-Changin'

Hey, there's now a PCX 150 in white, like my Wanda!  And I was asleep this year in scooter news (pretty much), so not sure if this is a 2015 or '16, but they've changed some of the design, as well. Lookit the right of that photo above. TURN INDICATORS that aren't bug pods!

Honda changed the headlamp cover a bit, too, and again -- NO BUG PODS -- I reckon the integrated the turn indicators to fall in line with the rest of the world's version of the PCX. I personally like the starker angles of Wanda's headlamp cover, but this is a vast visual improvement over the Burgman-samey Forza front-end. Why they didn't do something like this on the Forza boggles my pointy haidbone.

A better shot of the rear turn indicators. Don't like the tail lamp cover as much as the old one, either.

I was shocked to see a DN-01 in person, but wasn't shocked when the owner offered to sell it to me for 50% off list. That'd still be $8K, but man, what a load of white elephant dung this  sucker must be on his floor. I'm thinking it'd be a great motopickle for moi, but I understand why only one one person at this dealership took it out for a 3-mile test ride, and said, "Nuh-uh." 680cc fuel-injected v-twin that is supposed to be tame (but still 100MPH+), non-CVT automatic transmission, no storage... but look at it. Just look. Holy Batman, Batman.

Sorry for the poor lighting and equally-crappy camera in my Moto E.