Saturday, August 16, 2014

Scootnashville Saturday Social Scramble

Glorious morning, feeling more like September in Nashville than August!  75°F upon leaving Smyrna @ ~9:50 a.m., and little to no humidity! This is odd. Above: Ed and Dan converse al fresca at Eighth and Roast.

Ross welcomes all, and explains the lack of a route, and the non-lack of ride rules.

Ed is The Man.

These ladies are also The Mans.

"Git yer helmets on, effers!"

Bomber art on a modern Vespa.

The coots pull into a spot across from the Percy Warner Golf Course, to receive n00b instructions from Rossifer.

Ancient Mayan architecture. Left by aliens. From space.

I like stone walls.

Wanda, with Nashville down in the hole behind her. Luke Lea Overlook, in Percy Warner Park.

The well-stocked Wanda.