Monday, July 7, 2014

PCX Rear Wheel Removal Video

Dang, what an upload time.

Anyway, here's how I spent my day off. Well, some of it, anyway.

Back in early June, Ross and others assisted in getting Wanda's front tire changed. That was such a bitch -- dismounting the old tire, and mounting the new one -- I decided on a completely different course for the rear tire.

Tire World in La Vergne said they could do a 14" tubeless tire. no problemo, and for just $20, while I waited. SOLD! They were good to their word. Tire World have been awesome  to me in working on my work truck, always getting me back on the road quickly, and without hassle. It was only natural that I asked them about the scooter tire last time I was there on business. Good people, honest work!

While I waited for Tire World to do their magic, a city alderman stopped in with a minor tire issue. No one was available to assist her (TW stays quite busy, and has a tiny parking lot), so I told her I'd be happy to check her tires, and air them up two doors down at a convenience store, and she gratefully accepted. Since the alderman told the mayor about this, and I got pulled aside by the mayor afterward for embarrassing praise, I have to think we had us a win-win-win situation, in the end.  :)


What's the screwdriver for?  To remove the old exhaust gasket ("crush washer"). Mine was stuck in the exhaust port of the head pretty good.

5mm Allen wrench:  To loosen the mudguard/rear fender, but not strictly needed. Like the plastic heat shield, you can skip this part if you are good at working around tight places. I found it easier to remove the heat shield (2 x 10mm bolts) and to take the left side of the mudguard loose removing this one Allen bolt rather than fighting it.

I did leave the bottom splash pan on throughout, but only because it looked like the left side body panels were involved in its removal. It was flexible enough for me to get the ratchet and 3" extension in there for the rear header bolt, but only barely. There were curse words.  :)

Clarification: Re-assembly order is large spacer, wheel, swingarm, small spacer, axle nut. Important!  :)

Also, during re-assembly, please re-torque all bolts to their OEM specs. You don't wanna lose anything riding down the road like a Harley rider.  ;)