Friday, July 4, 2014

Independent Lens

I got out for a perfect ride, today. Given the rear tire situation (to be remedied Monday!), it needed to be close to home. I had to get out and enjoy this 84°F day without humidity  and bright sun, though. Gregory Mill Park, 2.4 miles away (and on the way back from the ATM) was perfect.
Three parks within a 3-mile radius! Time to explore one of them.

Just a few feet from the walking path, is what I assume Google Maps calls "the dam." A peaceful pool of water formed by Stewart's Creek and these rocks. A nice day to visit, as most people are at the shelters, grilling out, or at the splash pad at the northern end of the park. One woman was there, and saw me whip out the LG, and said, "I was just leaving!  I know you'd like some good photos without people in them." Okay, sure, but I don't mind, either way.

The spillway. NOICE.

It's like something out of a movie. Breathtakingly beautiful, IMO.

Here's some panoramic views of the park: