Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Justice Served?

One can hope.

I was riding home Monday night, and as I approached Hamilton Church Rd., I could see that a van was waiting to come across my lane of Murfreesboro Rd. to make a left at the intersection (green rectangle). I quickly gave my horn a quick double toot when I saw the van edging forward, and by the time I got to the point where the photo above would look if the camera were on my helmet, the fool takes a shot at it. I was probably doing about 50 in a 45MPH zone coming down the hill as I was, so brakes and horn both went into "busy time." I avoided colliding with the van by a safe margin, and started up the hill.

As I got past the Dairy Queen up there on the left, I saw blue lights in my peripheral vision. Yep, that cop headed down the hill, did a li'l "whoop! whoop!" of their siren to warn traffic they were making a left down Hamilton Church, and a few seconds later, as I was waiting at the traffic light at the top of the hill, I heard the "whoop! whoop!" in the distance, again.

I think that made my day. Thanks, Metro Nashville PD.