Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Just a catch-up on what's going on in the Nashville scooter scene, for those interested...

The photo at right (courtesy Jason) is from Saturday's (5/11) coffee klatch, held this week @ Frothy Monkey II, next door to Grimey's Too on 8th Avenue. The coffee was good, the smell of the new cedar tables was welcome and Glympse helped reassure all of us we were Not Alone prior to meeting up.  :)

Forward to this evening, where I had volunteered to distribute some Blue vs. Grey II flyers at a monthly scooter event at Sloan's in Murfreesboro (no, that's not misspelled, and that IS where I bought Wanda). We were all  hoping for some  kind of turnout, but the only non-scootnashville people there were the Sloan's employee leading the ride, and his SO. Needless to say, not many flyers were issued. :-/

We finished up that ride in time for me to make it back to Pizza Perfect to hang with the gang for a few minutes. I left my keys in Wanda so that Ross could do something silly -- tonight, he rode Wanda across 21st Avenue and left her in the Suntrust parking lot. He's easily entertained.  :)