Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Scooterrification

Time: 13:30. Destination: Shelby Park.

Route: Down Charlotte Ave. to Centennial Park, to meet other riders. Park was cordoned off by every cop on the planet (Music City Marathon!).

PLAN B: Head to Doctor & Mister Willy's. Drink beer. Wait for communications. Communications were ongoing as I arrived.

PLAN B.2: Find Willy's nitrile gloves. Drink more beer. Hand tools to Willy. Drink beer. Chat about the rally. Get old Vespa running. Drink beer. Ride around the neighborhood, watch old Vespa stall out a half-dozen times, & nearly lose its flywheel. 40MPH, Ma!  Top of the world!  Drink more beer.

Time: 15:25. En Route: Shelby Park. Okay, furilla. Arrived Shelby Park ~16:05. Cornhole in progress! Additional beer!  Hot dogs!  DOGS!

Time: 18:00. Leave Shelby Park, head to ESS in Exile. Hang out with James, the boys, Josephine, the goggies, the kitteh (who loves me almost as much as food!) & Mr. Bobby. Pick up crazy modular helmet for Ivy's son. Drink more beer w/James at Beyond The Edge. Talk sensible winger politics.  :)

Time: 20:47. Home. Kittehs happy.