Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oh My

Good ride, today! I got ahead of the other six riders, and pulled off to get some photos of them coming at me down Old Charlotte Road.

Brady (L, blue), Ross (R, grey), Glen, Michele & Ed roaring down a nice curvy stretch of OCR.

Brady pulls off, and Glen starts to, as I madly wave them on.

Michele & Ed are not falling for the "pull off" trick.

Ed gives the thumbs-up.
Of course, it didn't take long for them to find a side road to pull off to wait for "Fearless Leader" to jump back into pole position (they weren't sure where they were going, heh).

Taking a quick break at the end of OCR @ Sam's Creek Road.

Glen and Michele share a chuckle as Ed enters the frame.

Ed, Graham, Brady, Glen and Ross @ Lakeview Market. Graham's scooter (the white one) is actually a Vespa!

Well, so is Ross'. His badge is magnetically attached, as is the rally graphic. The "DON'T PANIC" is a decal, and matches his tattoo. It comes from some obscure, 20th Century novel, I hear. Something to do with towels.

Brady's funkified Stella 2T. Which actually used to belong to a guy named Funky. Well, that's the only name I ever heard for him. Not sure what that was all about.