Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cool, Clammy Coffee Klatch

Another excellent shot via Super Scoot 300
So, yeah... Ether Weekend!  Per usual, the gang had set up a coffee meet for 9 a.m. Saturday, and I actually felt human enough this weekend to join in (rare, I know). It's always good to hang out with the crew, and this morning was no exception. We talked about promoting Reconstruction 2013, and just had a relaxed chat about life, technology, Sergio, and of course... The Grumpy Gnome.  :)

Rain and clouds (and for me, laundry) made today a less-than-ideal riding day, so we wrapped up about 11 a.m., and parted until Tuesday night at 7:00, when we meet @ Kay-Bob's/Pizza Perfect on 21st, near Vandy. Join us, if you can!

The full scootnashville calendar is always available, here, too. Feel free to drop in and hang with us misfits, anytime.