Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Yeah, I hate missing work... and on a day like today, where the roads might  be fine (despite TDOT warnings this morning), especially. But you saw the photos from last night. That's right on the knife-edge of serious two-wheeled danger. Ice sucks in a car, too... but at least there's a big, metal cage and a safety restraint (and maybe an air bag or two) to hopefully lessen the impact if the car loses control.

Here's how it goes down on two wheels: You're toodling along, everything's fine. That little wet spot you don't notice is actually frozen, you hit it, and BOOM!  You're sliding/tumbling down the road on your rapidly-vanishing outerwear, getting farther away from your bike... and hoping the other cars can both see you AND stop before running over your helmet-encased skull in the street.

That happened to me in February, 2007, on the Chinese Death Machine, and I was doing about 10MPH. It hurt like a sonuvabitch, and was in no way fun. I was not seriously injured, but I was not altogether disappointed when the CDM would not restart after that spill, and didn't really mind the mile walk home that night. Of course, the CDM was stolen overnight, but...

Anyway, that's why I'm home. One day, I will be able to afford a car. Until then... well, luckily, this is rare weather for Nashville.