Saturday, December 15, 2012

Only Because That Other Site Are Being Exclusionary Douchebags

... so shall I also be!  :)

I love 2strokebuzz, I really do; it's a very informative site. I love old scooters... old, Italian, metal-bodied scooters, even. Old, Italian, metal-bodied scooters that can only be reliably ridden in hours-per-year that you can count on one hand, even.

But this exclusionary "cold weather challenge"?  Where ONLY  shifty, 2-stroke scooters can qualify?  I call bullshit. 

We all know the real Cryo-Commandos are people like me, who ride every  day to work, on reliable, modern CVT-equipped scooters. Most of these "vintage" guys have to ride around the neighborhood multiple times in cold weather to get to their nearest latt√© and fulfill the minimum 10-mile requirement of 2sb's challenge. This, as they say, Shall Not Stand.

So!  My counter-challenge: Longest ride over 20 miles, on any 4-stroke, CVT-equipped, plastic-bodied scooter (yes, Chinese junk included) of 150cc or less in the lowest temperature will have their choice of either the ironic prize offering of a model of a 1955 Vespa 150 GS (pictured above), or a pair of Northern Safety's N-Specs® Venom Riders clear lens foam-lined protective eyewear, which are completely awesome for cold weather riding (or nighttime riding at any temperature). Second Place gets the prize not chosen by the First Place winner.

Enter in comments, on this post, including location, scooter make, model and displacement, starting temperature, and distance. A Google Maps route would be nice, but not required. Please be prepared to back up your claim from TWC historical data. Otherwise, I trust you to do the right thang. Contest ends February 28th, 2013. Winners will be announced here.