Thursday, October 18, 2012

Requiem In Pacem

Andy Odom, who is my friend.

Sadly, Andy passed on August, 24, 2012, and I am just now learning about it. Andy lived with Type I diabetes, and used insulin. Presumably, he died as a result of a complication from this awful disease.

Andy was a regular at East Side Scooters, even before I started working there. He rode a Genuine "Buck-Ten" -- a Rattler 110cc 2-stroke. I sold Andy a cell phone tracking device for his Rattler a few years back. He loved making modifications to his scooter, and he had survived a couple of mishaps on that bike, only to succumb to something far more insidious and dangerous.

I often wondered how he was doing this year, and missed seeing him at our usual Tuesday evening meetings -- he was a hardcore attendee from the beginning, but I knew he had family and employment issues, and did not immediately think of his health being a particular problem when he had stopped coming by. I am deeply saddened to learn of his passing, and ashamed that I didn't do more to reach out to this fine young man when I had the chance.

Not old enough, my friend.