Sunday, October 21, 2012

Glorious Day Of Riding

Wanda passed the 4000-mile mark on the way to Thorntons, our meetup spot for today's ride. Is that a Rickenbacker bass?  No. Google Goggles correctly told me this was a Honda PCX 125.

Ed's Honda CL100, "Goldie Hawnda," from back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. A couple of mechanics in the group urged Ed to limp it back home and get another of his five bikes, as the valves sounded completely out of adjustment.

Ed returns on the baby blue Genuine Buddy 125.

A nice bit of momentary trespassing on Gibbs Road, to take photos...

... and pet horses, of courses.

Not sure what Ed was on about, here, but Glen appears ready to spew into his A&W.