Thursday, August 16, 2012


... on the commute home, today. A Kymco Super 8!  Same color scheme, but it probably wasn't the dood in the photo above... I think he painted his flat black, and sold it some time back, as well.

Almost every morning, I see one of these:

... a Fly Il Bello, or Chinese scooter that looks  the same (there are scores of them out there). It's a copy of the Honda Joker that is sold in Asia, but not in the U.S. Aprilla made a Joker clone, too, called the Mojito.

Yerterday and today, I saw that one; yesterday, I also saw this on the way to work:

That's a Piaggio MP3 500cc (the one I saw could also be the 400cc version, as they are virtually indistinguishable). Same color. I usually see this guy right around the intersection of Woodmont and Hillsboro Road. Neat bike... er, trike.

Yesterday, I also spied this on Thompson Lane @ I-24, headed to the speedy section of Briley Parkway(!):

Honda Metropolitan
The lady riding this had cojones... it's a 50cc 4-stroke with a top speed of around 40MPH. Thompson Lane at that point is a 45MPH speed limit, and a few hundred yards in the direction she was traveling, Thompson turns into Briley Parkway, which locals treat as another interstate.

Always nice to see other Hondas, though. Speaking of which, I also saw one of these, yesterday:

Nashville cops have several of these for patrolling downtown.
We were stopped at a red light, perhaps Belmont & Woodmont. As he was about to make his right turn onto Belmont, I yelled out, "Hey, Honda Ruckus!" He looked back, and waved with enthusiasm.  :)