Saturday, August 11, 2012

Just About Perfect

The call was sent out: rubygirl got her Vino 125, and needed to ride during this Perfect Weather August Weekend. Amen, sister. We decided to meet up with northdrums, who lives in Murfreesboro. The plan was to ride to him, and then loll about back towards town. But.. no!  He was up early, saw the awesome weather conditions, and rode to Nashville  before we could stop him!

We decided to stop by JT's before departing, since he lives very near our meetup spot, to see if he could be cajoled into riding with. Well, no one knew which unit was his -- although clearly, the Stella and Lammy-under-cover are his -- and several minutes of manic horn-honking after 11:00 a.m. elicited no response from any of the residents. So, we rode.

The Tomato Arts Festival was being held this weekend in East Nashville, so we decided to ride by to check it out. It was a flustercluck of epic proportions, traffic-wise. So while the rest of the gang checked THAT out, I visited with James & Josephine and the kids for a few minutes, also buying their last remaining large Fulmer AF-655 helmet (in Metallic Wine).

I got James on Wanda, but just for an around-the-neighborhood 2-minute drill.  Josephine was getting the kids ready for a bicycle ride to Tomato Fest. I may get back over there tomorrow so the Scooter Queen can sign off on the awesomeness that IS the PCX.  :)

Once we gathered up again, we headed to The Pharmacy for a bite of late lunch. The line was out the door, so we et across the street at Mas Tacos, instead.

The tacos were tasty and filling, as always, and the day was perfect for al fresca  dining, if not for the trillion houseflies.

The steeds.

Holy hell, what a decal!

A lonesome PCX called Wanda.

Extra-beautiful scene from Rutherford County.